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San Javier Guadalajara


Taking specific medical-hospital service needs into account in Guadalajara and in the West of Mexico, Grupo Empresarial San Javier (Corporate Group), formed by a group of specialty physicians, decided to bring their innovation project for hospital services to an ambitious reality by setting facilities that would meet high quality standards.


Hospital San Javier, opened on December 12, 1994, has ever since become the choice of excellence to meet the demand for hospital facilities at a great physical, technological and high specialty levels. This is the medical institution that brought Stereotactic Radiosurgery to Mexico through its Gamma Knife Unit, equipment enabling the treatment of brain lesions that were deemed medically inoperable, without the need to perform a craniotomy.

Furthermore, this was the first private hospital in the West of Mexico to offer an avant-garde image and a friendly infrastructure with a Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a Hemodynamics Room, a Blood Bank, and a comprehensive diagnosis area, a heliport on its roof top included.

From its opening date, Hospital San Javier has maintained its commitment to provide a quality service with a friendly treatment and service attitude to its patients and their family members, as there is an excellent medical staff in every specialty, including paramedics and nurses who are constantly updated, with high performance training and recognized friendly and human treatment.

Hospital San Javier was the first hospital in the West of Mexico to obtain certification as a “Specialty Hospital” in October 2000, which was awarded by the General Health Council, based on the Hospital Certification Program decree, and has been recertified in every relevant period.

At San Javier, medical care and surgical services are provided for most of the specialties, from simple treatments and procedures to the most complicated ones, which in accordance to their nature require of the highest technology and professional capability. There are organ transplantation programs in place such as heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, bone and skin transplantations.

All of the above has allowed Hospital San Javier to keep its prestige as an avant-garde medical institution which has always made the most advanced diagnosis technology and treatment available to the community with quality and warmth that has always been a distinguishing factor of this institution.


Integral Medical Services:



  • 48 Physician’s offices
  • 91 Rooms:
  • 72 Junior Suite (Single)
  • 14 Master Suite
  • 5 Pediatrics
  • 8 Intensive Therapy Units
  • 8 Coronary/Intermediate Therapy Units
  • 6 Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (PNICU)
  • 7 Emergencies



+52 (33) 3669 0222
Av. Pablo Casals 640, at the corner of Eulogio Parra,
Col. Prados Providencia,
Guadalajara, Jal. México