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Hospital San Javier, as an institution, has maintained an Organ Donation program and performed more than 300 organ transplantations , for more than 15 years now, among which are six heart transplantations. In addition, Hospital San Javier is a leading hospital among private hospitals in Mexico regarding liver transplantations.


Transplantation is performed when an organ or tissue cannot function as it should. This may be caused by disease or lesion. The transplanted organ replaces and assumes the function of the damaged organ or tissue thus saving and improving the quality of life of the recipient.


  • Heart Transplantation.
  • Kidney Transplantation.
  • Liver Transplantation.
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation.


  • The experience of the medical staff, continually training.
  • From 2004 to 2015, there have been over 300 organ transplantations, thus stressing the experience and continuous work in the field.
  • Hospital San Javier is one of private hospitals with more liver transplantations performed in the country.
  • Substitute management unit.
  • High degree of success in organ and tissue transplantations.
  • To improve our patients’ quality of life once the organ has been properly accepted.

Every patient is submitted to a study protocol for transplantation purposes. The organ may be obtained from a living donor (provided, however, that the candidate meets other requirements), or his/her name is entered in a national waiting list, where the patient’s urgency and age is considered under the management of the National Transplantation Center in Mexico (CENATRA).
Hospital San Javier has the experience, the facilities and the appropriate human team to perform organ and tissue transplantations, with its characteristic warm and hospitable treatment, in addition to being certified as a Specialty Hospital.


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01 (33) 36 69 02 22
Extension: 1703

 Dr. José Vázquez Aldama
Donation and Transplant Coordinator.
 Dr. Carlos Rodríguez
Heart Transplantation.
 Dr. Carlos Rodríguez
Heart Transplantation.
 Dr. Eduardo Angulo
Kidney Transplantation.
 Dr. Ernesto Gómez
Kidney Transplantation.
 Dr. Carlos Rodríguez
Liver Transplantation.
 Dr. Marco Antonio Covarrubias
Liver and Kidney Transplantation.