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Oncology Unit 

Available in: Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Hospital San Javier has designed the San Javier Oncology Unit , with the purpose of offering comprehensive services for oncology patients and providing proper quality treatment supported by every medical and technological resource in the hospital, from a patient’s admission to completion of its treatment.

This is the only private center in western Mexico , engaged in oncological care with a capacity to offer all the resources in a single place. The priority of the medical, technical and nursing staff in the hospital is to provide a secure, sensible and qualified treatment for patients and their family members; furthermore, medical technology guarantees optimum support on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

The human and professional care provided by physicians, nurses and other professionals of Hospital San Javier is an essential part of the treatment and the fight against cancer, as well as to relieve pain and improve a patient’s quality of life, furthermore, psychological and emotional support is given to patients and their family members.


  • Early detection: This is done by performing thorough physical examination and analysis of medical, family and personal history. In addition, laboratory tests are run on blood, urine and feces. These may provide additional information on body parameters that may indicate the presence of cancer.
  • Evaluation of abnormal results: : Imaging tests are requested, such as x-rays, CT scans or ultrasound. If necessary, a biopsy is performed and tests are run to determine whether found cells are cancer cells.
  • Cancer stratification: The presence of cancer is confirmed from all the analysis and tests performed; therefore, it is stratified, i.e. the stage is determined and a record is made.
  • Cancer treatment:  Depending on the specific situation of each patient, there are different options: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy.
  • Post-treatment monitoring and reappearance:  Treatment follow-up is done and reappearance tests are run to confirm the absence of cancer cells.
  • Palliative care:  Patient support to improve his/her quality of life and to contribute to relieve his/her pain.
  • Nutritional support.
  • Psychological support.


  • Each patient is assisted by a multidisciplinary team of specialists who discuss, analyze and conclude on the best treatment options for each case.
  • Lab and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) areas, CT scan, mammography, ultrasonography, conventional and portable X-ray, among others.
  • Supporting blood bank for blood transfusions needed by patients.
  • Histopathology services, to analyze tissues removed during surgery to enable accurate diagnosis.
  • Surgical areas, specially adapted to perform any surgery required by patients.
  • Hormonal therapy, to treat some cancer types.
  • Immunotherapy, to stimulate natural body defenses and enable the fight against the disease.
  • Access to leading-edge technologies, unique in western Mexico to treat cancer.
  • Radiotherapy using Linear Accelerators assuring patients with a greater accuracy, thus reducing any risk of damage to neighboring organs.
  • Chemotherapy applied in independent cubicles under the supervision of highly qualified staff and supported by the whole infrastructure offered by Hospital San Javier.
  • No-scalpel brain surgery at the Gamma Knife Perfexion Unit to treat tumors in a single session, thus decreasing any risk and bringing patients immediately back to their quality of life prior to treatment.

These methods are currently used alone or together to either remove or stop cancer growth. Access to all these services at a single place, with our characteristic hospitality treatment, stands out at the Oncology Clinic of Hospital San Javier.



Dr. Gilberto Morgan Villela
Chief of the Oncology Unit


+52 (33) 3669-0222 ext. 6500