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Pulmonary Physiotherapy in Intensive Care 

Available in Guadalajara

To control and heal symptoms and complications of patients with respiratory conditions during their stay at the Hospital San Javier Intensive Care Unit.


Specific Objectives

  • Clearing the airway
  • Reeducating the breathing pattern
  • Improving thoracic mobility
  • Re-expanding lung tissue
  • Training respiratory and peripheral muscles
  • Working with the patient so that he would be weaned off the mechanical ventilator
  • Improving exercise tolerance


  1. Assessing pulmonary function
  2. Treating respiratory conditions (Pulmonary Physiotherapy in: pneumonia, atelectasis, SDRA, among others), by employing specific physical techniques whose purpose is to attain selective ventilation of pulmonary regions.
  3. Tracking the respiratory function.


  • To control and/or prevent complications in other systems as a result of respiratory function alterations.
  • To re-establish normal pulmonary function of patient, so that he would be better restored to the development of daily life activities.

Lic. Valeska Núñez Álvarez
Pulmonary Kinesiologist
Lic. Felipe Quinteros Dazarola
Pulmonary Kinesiologist
Lic. Pricila Rodríguez Galván
Pulmonary Physiotherapist


+52 (322) 226 1010
Extension: 1790