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Endometriosis Clinic 

Available in: Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Hospital San Javier has a medical team comprised of a group of professional gynecologists who are the first contact with patients. The gynecologist performs an assessment and based on the results, he/she will diagnose and propose different types of treatment depending on each patient’s case.

Endometriosis causes a tissue which normally grows within the uterus to grow outside the uterus.

This condition may affect any woman during her fertile years; although most of the times there are no symptoms and it is not dangerous. It may cause pain and other conditions, such as contraception.

Based on the diagnosis, the gynecologist prescribes the best treatment for this woman, ranging from anti-inflammatory pills and/or contraceptives to hormone therapy if necessary.

For this reason, Hospital San Javier offers you the Endometriosis Clinic where you can take your treatment supported by a team of specialist physicians within a hospitable ambiance and avant-garde technology.


  • Imaging tests necessary to know the condition to be treated in detail. Based on these results the radiologist who is specialized in diagnosing “deep infiltrative endometriosis” will inform the gynecologist about his findings to perform proper surgery planning, if necessary; thus obtaining a pre-surgery diagnosis as accurate as possible.

    In the event surgery is required, the patient will be informed in detail what type of procedure will be performed so that her condition is finally resolved.

  • Laparoscopy, a surgery performed for the removal of a patient’s cysts or implants.


  • A surgeon with broad experience in advanced gynecological laparoscopy surgery and hysteroscopy, because from time to time, patients may need extensive and delicate surgeries demanding experienced surgeons, who, in addition, are deeply knowledgeable on fertility, since many a time, the latter is affected and important decisions must be made in this sense.
  • Hospital San Javier offers all its patients an experienced multidisciplinary team in laparoscopic surgery, who are specialized in surgery of the bowels, since, in certain cases, patients may have their large intestine affected (rectum, sigmoid colon) and the small intestine rarely affected.
  • An urologist with broad experience in laparoscopic surgery will be in charge of your care because at times, the bladder and the ureters may be affected.
  • Laparoscopic surgery reduces pain, soreness, and may allow pregnancy to occur.

Success in such a complex surgery and at times extensive surgery, as is the case of patients who suffer from deep infiltrative endometriosis (severe endometriosis or frozen pelvis) is the result of a correct diagnosis, communication and team work among the gynecologist, the radiologist, the general surgeon, and the urologist. This will also enable proper surgery planning and the patient can be exactly and timely informed on the kind of surgery to be performed, including implied recovery time.


Dr. Marco Antonio López Zepeda
Dr. Juan Carlos Cantón Romero
Dr. Francisco Javier Hernández Malerva

Dr. Narcizo León Quintero

Dr. Victor Manuel García Gallegos

Dra. Patricia Velázquez Castellanos


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