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Breast Clinic 

Available in: Guadalajara, Jalisco.

At the Brest Clinic, it is possible to perform a comprehensive treatment for breast cancer with the technological and professional support of Hospital San Javier. This makes it possible to provide a high quality medical service with no need to move to different places for diagnosis or treatment, in addition, strict control is carried out under international standards for medical management.

We provide medical care of excellence and offer a respectful treatment guaranteeing satisfactory experience with human quality; therefore, the information we give our patients and their family members is confidential, sufficient, timely, true and clear on her illness, we respect our patients’ beliefs and ideas and recognize their moral values.

The kind of treatment given to a breast cancer patient depends on a number of factors that ought to be assessed in detail, as each of the cases to be treated needs an accurate analysis for the results to be as favorable as possible.

Options may be applied individually or by making a schematic where different treatments are combined such as: surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy.




The services we provide are extremely comprehensive and cover what breast cancer patient needs, among which are:


Last generation full digital mammography (3-D mammography), supplemented with the most modern ultrasound device managed by radiologists with specialized training in breasts.

Mammography is a breast x-ray, which nowadays works as the most effective tool in detecting cancer in its first stage, when it is small and easy to treat and eradicate.

From 40 years of age onwards, women must have a mammography performed every year. If you are not 40 years of age yet and there is a family history of breast cancer or if you are concerned about your breasts, you must consider a mammography or, other tests, such as, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the breast.

It is also important that you have a clinical test on your breasts at least every 3 years, beginning at age 20 and once a year after you are 40 years of age. Mammography may also be used to diagnose any breast problem.

A mammography is very accurate but it is not perfect. This may detect breast cancer before you feel it. However, at times, a mammography cannot find cancer.


This is the most common breast cancer treatment at an early stage. It also employed after chemotherapy in locally advanced stages and in metastatic stages with palliative purposes.

There mainly are two types of surgeries:

  • Breast-conserving surgery: This is a procedure used to remove only the breast cancer tissue, thus preventing total removal of the breast, and continues with radiotherapy a few months afterwards.

    Armpit lymph node treatment is performed by applying sentinel lymph node techniques or axillar lymph node dissection, depending on each individual case.

  • Total Mastectomy: This is a procedure where the breast or as much breast tissue as possible is removed with the possibility of immediate reconstruction depending on each individual case.

Radiotherapy uses ionizing radiations to destroy cancer cells. It only affects the cells in that part of the body under treatment and may be used after the surgery to destroy cancer cells that may remain in the area.

Our modern equipment has the capacity of being extremely accurate in the area to be radiated with less or no secondary effects in areas surrounding the tumor.


Chemotherapy is a medical treatment where certain drugs are administered intravenously or by mouth, which may act as an agent to destruct cancer cells. These drugs may be administered before or after the surgery in the event of metastatic diseases.

Hormone therapy

If the lab test shows that there are hormone recipients in the breast tumor, then this kind of therapy may be the option to supplement the initial treatment.



At the Breast Clinic we have state-of-the-art technology in last generation equipment; in addition we are constantly growing and updating to be at the level of the best hospitals worldwide and offer an alternative treatment to breast cancer. The technology is accompanied by highly qualified personnel, which provides us with key tools for the diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and control of this disease.

  • All you need for your treatment at a single place.
  • Hospitable and human treatment.
  • A multidisciplinary team for our service.
  • A specialized clinic in treating, assessing and controlling breast cancer.

At Hospital San Javier we understand that breast cancer is a disease affecting thousands of people every year, therefore, we are seeking to fight this problem through our breast clinic. A specialized center where cutting-edge technology and specialized personal convene at the same place thus becoming the best option to prevent, treat and follow-up breast cancer.



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Dra. Ana Olivia Cortés Flores
Coordinator of the Breast Clinic

Dr. Gilberto Morgan Villela
Head of Oncology Unit


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