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Pathological Anatomy 

 Anatomía Patología de Occidente S.C.

Engaged with health services, Hospital San Javier provides you with a histopathology area where cell changes are investigated in relation to a specific anatomical area. Different types of biopsies are made aimed to identify malign and benign tumors and their likely behavior, as the possible treatment for a patient depends on this to succeed in recovering its health.


  • Cytological
  • Cervical cytology (Pap Smear).
  • Cytology of body fluids.
  • Single-layer robotized cytology (liquid-based) under FDA’s standards.
  • Histopathological
  • Any kind of tissue removed from the body.
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Prognosis markers in:
    • Breast cancer.
    • Lung cancer.
    • Thyroid cancer.
    • Colon cancer.
  • Trans-operatives


  • Integral diagnosis and treatment service in a single hospital venue.
  • Reports are submitted directly to the treating physician’s office (there is no need for the patient to pick them up).
  • Service open to patients of Hospital San Javier and to the general public.
  • There is a physician on call for surgical cases.
  • Efficient response.
  • Necessary tests for organ and tissue donation. Under the Mexican Official Standard on the current clinical file, any organ or tissue removed from a human body must be submitted to pathology tests as detection of any infectious or tumor diseases depend on this for prevention and treatment both for the patient and for its next of kin.


Hospital San Javier operates by following the philosophy that correct diagnosis and preventive and tracking measures are crucial for the correct treatment towards health recovery, therefore, providing histopathology services within the hospital facilities facilitates and speeds up communication among the different units and clinics for the specialized, professional and human treatment of every patient.


Telephone: +52 (33) 36 69 02 22
Extension: 4470

Dr. Felipe Cerda Camacho
Jefe de Departamento

Dr. Guillermo Juárez López
Dra. Ma. Paz Covarrubias Rodríguez
Dr. Arnulfo Álvarez Álvarez


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