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Hospital Pharmacy 

There is a Hospital Pharmacy service in place at Hospital San Javier providing clinical support to the medical area. The staff is specialized in handling all the medications that are used within the facilities for a patient’s peace of mind, thus optimizing the pharmacotherapy and improving the quality of sanitary care and fostering the rational use of medications.


  • Professional pharmaceutical service at the hospital pharmacies.
  • Dispensation.
  • Pharmaceutical Validation.
  • Pharmaceutical Indication.
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance.
  • Pharmacotherapy Tracking.
  • Identification of and problems related with medication.
  • Handling, evaluation and tracking of the medication process.
  • Health education.
  • Medication information center.
  • Distribution system per unit dose.
  • Guidance on the use of medical devices associated to medications.



  • Inclusion of the pharmacist in the health team.
  • Optimization of pharmacotherapy.
  • Rational use of medications.
  • Information on medications for both physicians and patients.
  • Constant assessment on the quality of our suppliers.
  • Pharmacotherapy tracking.
  • Certifications by the General Health Board.
  • Prevention and resolution of medication associated problems.
  • Personalized pharmaceutical assistance.



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