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Prostate cancer


General information, risks and symptoms of the disease

Prostate cancer is a condition increasingly affecting more men year after year. This is a common condition among men over 60 years of age. Men should be warned about this and should develop a culture of periodic review.

Who are more at risk?

Colored race men

Men over 60 years of age

Men whose father or brother have this condition


Some other characteristics:

Men exposed to Agent Orange

Men drinking too much alcohol

High-fat diets


Tire company workers


Men exposed to cadmium



Delayed or slow start of urination

Leakage or dribbling of urine, frequently after urinating

Slow urinary stream

Straining to urinate or unable to empty the bladder

Blood in the urine or semen



Treatment depends on a number of factors; however, this must be addressed by a specialist physician who will give you directions on what to do as well as treatments which may be different between one man and another.



San Javier Recommendation

Seek medical assistance if you have any of the symptoms above; if necessary, ask for a test of prostate-specific antigen to rule out any other disease, thus allowing the physician to focus on this condition.

Watch your diet and change some life-style habits that may cause this condition. Your health is 100% dependent on you. Take care of yourself, we will tell you how.




Should you need further assistance, please come and see us, we will be happy to assist you in person.