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Rights and Responsabilities 


General Patient’s Rights:

  • Receive proper medical care.
  • Be treated respectfully and courteously.
  • Receive sufficient, clear, timely and accurate information.
  • Freely decide on his/her treatment.
  • Give or not give his/her validly informed consent.
  • Be treated with confidentiality.
  • Get the facility for a second opinion.
  • Get emergency medical assistance.
  • Have a medical file.
  • Be heard when dissatisfied for the medical care provided.


Patient’s Responsibilities:

  • Comply with hospital regulations.
  • Have his/her rights to be complied with.
  • Treat the staff respectfully and courteously.
  • Look after his/her personal belongings.
  • Have a companion during his/her treatment.
  • Show proper ID
  • Comply with payment for his/her care.
  • Report on his/her health condition.
  • Be punctual.
  • Follow the treatment.

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