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At Hospital San Javier, we value your confidence in us for your health recovery. As part of our hospitable spirit, we understand the relevance of having timely information and human treatment as required when providing medical services.

Do remember, you are not alone; our team is focused on your safety and well-being. Thank you for choosing Hospital San Javier and for entrusting us with the most important: your health.

Consequently, we offer you these guidelines where you may find information on the procedures that are to be performed during your admission, stay, transfers, discharge procedures and the internal guidelines of our institution.

Please let us know whether you need further information on any matter not discussed in these guidelines.

In accordance with our commitment with continual improvement, the opinion of each patient and family member is important; therefore, we will always welcome your comments and/or suggestions, please dial extensions 6005 and 6007.



In order to admit a patient, the patient and/or the party responsible must show a valid official ID-card, provide its general information, sign the agreement for the provision of services, deposit the necessary advance payment, which amount shall depend on the treatment or procedure to be performed. In the event any of the above requirements is not met the hospital reserves the right to admit the patient, and shall transfer it to another medical Institution, and the hospital shall not be liable therefor.

It is highly important to consider that admission with an insurance card or a letter of authorization does not imply that the hospital shall have, at any time, accepted or confirmed that your procedure or intervention be accepted, since the hospital is independent from any conflict that may arise between the patient and the insurance company, where the hospital has not say. Therefore, the patient must sign the documents requested by the institution.

The hospital is a hospital services provider; your treating physician is solely responsible for the medical care, diagnosis and treatment as well as to keep you informed on the progress, tests and procedures you are to undergo.


Any damage on the furniture and/or facilities of the hospital shall be repaired or, in any case, replaced by whoever is responsible for this event.



The price for the services provided to a patient shall be obtained by applying valid rates and prices upon hiring the services.


The following are included in your room price:

6 bottles of water upon patient’s admission and a replacement per day up to 4 bottles. If the patient or its family members need more bottles, there will be an extra charge.

A companion kit per night, in the event you need additional clothing items, there will be an extra charge.




As a hygiene measure and for a patient’s and its family members and visitors’ health care, we suggest that no food or drinks be brought into the hospital.



Payment of services provided shall be made on a daily basis in cash or by credit card, personal check (with a fee), certified check, cashier’s check, among others.

A patient and/or the party responsible may request a detailed breakdown of the statement at the cash office.

If you want an invoice with a broken down VAT please provide the information of the physical person and/or entity to be invoiced. Without exception, an invoice will not be changed unless the request is made in the same month the service was provided.

If you are handed a TV and DVD player remote control and a safety box key, a voucher will be signed. These items must be returned when paying your account to avoid extra charges.

Any telephone calls made from you room will be charged on a rate per minute bases, insurance company patients included. For your comfort, there are card public telephones located on the ground floor.



As soon as the treating physician has signed the discharge form, your account will be ready within an hour approximately, except in the case of insured patients, where the process related to the insurance company may take between 2 and 2:30 hours.

Once your account is ready the cash office will contact you for payment (in the event you are an insured patient, a company patient or a bank patient, we suggest to check your authorization with the insurance office at extensions 1730, 1731, 1733, 1734 & 1735).

If you have any question or remark related to a patient’s management, you can ask for guidance to the nursery who will contact your treating physician.

The room must be vacated at 12:00 hours; otherwise there will be an extra charge of 100% on the price thereof.



The hospital is not liable for, nor will it pay any indemnity and/or compensation for any loss, theft or damage of a patient’s items or valuable left in its room and/or in any other place within the hospital facilities. If there is a safety box in your room, we suggest that you use it, or you can deposit your valuables at the general safety box of the hospital.



Showing respect to patients we beg you not to make any noise, and under the regulations of the State Health Act in the subject matter for the protection of non-smokers, you are NOT ALLOWED TO SMOKE in the rooms or within the hospital facilities.

Visits shall be determined by the hospital management office, within a schedule from 9 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Only 2 persons are allowed per room, but they may be restricted in accordance with a patient’s medical condition or in accordance with the institution’s directives.

At the Intensive Therapy Unit and the Coronary Therapy Unit, visits shall be from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and then from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. At the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, visits shall be from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and then from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. In pursuance with a directive from health authorities aimed to protect children from any infection, CHILDREN under 12 years of age are not allowed in the hospital areas.



If a patient is transferred to an Intensive Therapy Unit or to a Coronary Therapy Unit, the room must be vacated. In the event you wish to keep it, we suggest contacting the admissions department for further information.

The patient may be transferred to another medical institution, and the Hospital shall not be liable in the following cases:

When a patient and/or the party responsible so decide.

In the event a patient and/or the party responsible falls in any of the events set forth in the adherence agreement signed with the hospital.

When a patient and/or the party responsible is not financially capable to afford the expenses established by the hospital.

Any expenses incurred for a patient’s voluntary transfer shall be paid in full by the patient and/or the party responsible.

Before a transfer is made, the hospital shall send notice to the patient and/or the party responsible, so that the requirements set forth in the chapter related with a patient’s discharge procedure in these regulations are complied with.



When the treating physician has stated a discharge order in the relevant patient’s medical record or when a patient and/or the party responsible so request it and sign a VOLUNTARY DISCHARGE. It is necessary that the total balance amount be fully paid, once this has been done the relevant exist pass will be handed out which is to be shown to the hospital security personnel and/or at the information module at the time you leave.



There is a fast service to give suggestions on the services and facilities offered. Extensions to hear reports are 6005 and 6007.

The patient and/or the party responsible may file suggestions and/or comments on the services in writing, directly at the hospital public relations office of or by dropping them in the mailboxes installed for that purpose, so that a fast response and follow-up of your concerns may be provided.

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