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Hospital Certification, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera

Consistency, dedication and discipline will lead you nowhere else, but to success.

In the month of May last, Hospital San Javier, Puerto Vallarta and Hospital Riviera, went through the Certification process. Thanks to the intensive job of the whole staff of both hospital facilities the objective was achieved.

The certification process of Hospital San Javier Puerto Vallarta began on the 11th with a general presentation of the hospital to the auditors of the General Board of Health. The team was headed by Dr. Sara Fonseca Castañol, Eng. Guadalupe Lazaro Marques, Atty. Elvira Gamez Ruiz, and Atty. Israel Hernandez Tripp.

Immediately thereafter, they performed a documentary review of all the standards and policies of the two hospitals; on the 12th, they went on with a documentary review of services, and ended up on the 13th by supervising all the areas of Hospital San Javier Puerto Vallarta setting up tracers through the different areas in the hospital. They met very warming staff where you would sense a climate of friendliness and cooperation by all the staff.

On Thursday 14, it was the turn of Hospital San Javier Riviera. The auditors said that process homologation between the two hospitals was a good practice. On Friday 15, they reviewed all the committees in both hospitals and ended up on Saturday 16 reviewing indicators.

It is worth stressing that the audit was based on a national pilot plan, which was carried out in accordance with the proposal of the 2015 version of Hospital Certification Standards. It is also worth mentioning that these are the first hospitals throughout Mexico to be certified under these new standards.

“How a set of different ways of thinking may achieve such an extraordinary result actually is something to be proud of.”

In spite of adversities, it was satisfactory to complete the certification process with success, thanks to the team that was formed from the different areas with the knowledge and the experience that were necessary to attain such a goal.


We look forward to hearing about the result of the audit.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

– Michael Jordán

By: Lic. Zaidé Gómez