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“Charros” has scored a homerun for health with Hospital San Javier

Hospital San Javier is the Official Sponsor of the “Charros de Jalisco” baseball team

On October 10 last, the opening game of the Charros de Jalisco team took place, a team that has recently rejoined the Mexican Pacific League.

For this second year of the life of the new Charros de Jalisco team, which formerly was “Algodoneros de Guasave, Sinaloa”, Hospital San Javier has decided to commit to this sport. This action had already been taken in past events, such as golf tournaments, among others, but this time with the intention of making it to the major leagues.

By supporting a team that has promised to transform this sport and turn baseball into a national sport, Hospital San Javier has become a key link in this sport where #TodosSomosCharros (We are all Charros).

At present you may find the brand’s presence not only in print media and publicity at the Charros’ Baseball Stadium, but also in a small Hospital (‘Hospitalito’) known as ‘Xplora’ of Hospital San Javier, which opened from the first game of the season and which will remain open during the league, and every child is invited to visit this hospital so that they become true heroes for health.


Representing the human body which is toured as a baseball game, from one base to the other until the home plate is reached, ‘Xplora’ teaches, in an amusing and dynamic way, how the human body works and how to become a health ally, and meet ‘Super Globulito’ (Super-Blood-Cell), the new pet of Hospital San Javier, which is a noble, sympathetic and joyous character who fights bad health helped by the children who have become new heroes.

Finally, when the bases of health are complete, the children go to the ‘Hospitalito’ where they can put their knowledge into practice by playing to be physicians in a miniature re-creation of Hospital San Javier.

Furthermore, the Hospital San Javier logo was added on the left sleeve of the official uniform of the Charros de Jalisco team to show that behind a great team stands a health professional.

This is something all the collaborators of this hospital should be proud of.

By: Atty. Edgar Angulo