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Hospitals / San Javier Riviera Nayarit

Hemodialysis Unit  

There is a Hemodialysis Unit at the Hospital San Javier intended to provide services for domestic and foreign patients. There is leading edge medical equipment operated by specialists and trained nurses; therefore, providing a friendly and professional service is of primary importance in this unit.


  • By appointment
  • HIV negative test, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C
  • Hematological biometry
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Serum electrolytes



  • The only one at the Riviera in Nayarit.
  • Certified by the National Health Council.
  • Primary Nephrologist/Physician
  • Bilingual staff
  • Certified by the Health Council
  • Cleanliness
  • Located in tourist areas
  • Certified nurses
  • Cutting-edge technology


Business hours:

Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 19:00 pm


Telephone: 322 297 08 37
Extension: 162
Direct Telephone: 20 90 04 70


Dr. Alfonso Contreras


Bernardino Ibarra Hernández
Hemodialysis Area Manager


Dr. Raimundo Avilés Gómez