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Hospitals / San Javier Riviera de Nayarit


There is an equipped emergency area at Hospital San Javier Riviera with everything that is needed for an emergency, in addition to resident specialist physicians and trained nurses, ready to provide the service. Assistance is provided 24/7 both to locals and to tourists in the area.



  • Adults Intensive Care Area.
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care.
  • Observation Units.
  • Crash Unit.
  • Oral Hydration Room.
  • Ambulance Service.
  • Equipment for Respiratory Arrest.
  • 24-hour Emergency Physician.
  • Equipment for thoracic puncture procedures.
  • Temporary pacemaker insertion.
  • Specialist offices.
  • Among others.



  • Bilingual Staff
  • 24-hour specialist physician
  • Nurses trained in Advanced Cardiovascular Live Support (ACLS).
  • Blood bank in the hospital.
  • Clinical Laboratory to facilitate any diagnosis.
  • Imaging results within a short time with no need to transfer patient.
  • Liveliness (Assistance program at hotels with an agreement, thus facilitating diagnosis, treatment and transfers from the hotel or tourist area to the closest Hospital San Javier facility).



Telephone: 01 (322) 226 8181
Extension: 110

Lic. Enf. Ramiro Montaño
Chief of Infirmary