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Hospital San Javier understands how difficult it is for parents in need for pediatric and neonatal intensive care services, because the bond between them and their children is a synonym of love, fondness, protection and care in every sense. However, continuous care and assistance of qualified personnel in a health crisis situation is a priority.

For the above reason, the hospital developed the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (PNICU) whose purpose is to accompany the newborn, babies, pre-scholars, school children and teenagers, who are in a critical condition, during their health recovery process and to bring them back to their family.

This is made possible thanks to the backup of a team of neonatologists and specialists in medicine of the pediatric patient in critical condition, supported by state-of-the-art technology to provide timely, continuing and individualized medical care and with human warmth that is needed at this time.


  • Very low birth weight premature baby
  • Newborn with respiratory failure
  • Tracking patients with extensive infectious processes
  • Personalized assistance by a multidisciplinary team of certified pediatricians with a subspecialty in neonatology, pediatric emergency and pediatric surgery.
  • Support by a professional team of nurses, inhalation therapy and radiology 24/7.
  • Support by a cutting-edge biomedical team for constant monitoring and care of patients.
  • Medical and paramedical transfers and specialized transportation, both by land or air.
  • Alliances with most of insurance companies, both domestic and foreign.



  • Qualified personnel
  • Assigned personnel certified in Neonatal Advanced Life Support (NALS)
  • Assigned personnel certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Admission requirements.
  • Resident Neonatology Doctor.
  • State-of-the-art Technology Equipment
  • Biomedical Equipment and supplies.
  • Patient education program (household).
  • Care after discharge
  • Lactation Program
  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • Exclusive nurses in the area
  • Neonatal ventilation equipment
  • Cribs of radiant heat
  • Specific protocols to prevent any infection


Visiting hours:

10:00 to 12:00
18:00 to 20:00



Teléfono del hospital: 01 (322) 226 1010

Dr. Alejandro Peña Gallegos

Enf. Adriana Amieva
Head of Nurses