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Currently, hospitals are seeking to position themselves in an intelligent way and in accordance to experience, human capital, and technology. Some hospitals have rather focused in topics such as maternity, others, in oncology, and a minority has decided to become high specialty hospitals.


Hospital San Javier has taken the step towards the future supported by 20 years’ experience, always seeking to provide personalized specialty services for patients. This, undoubtedly, is a titanic task that has been seriously and passionately accepted.


You can have high gamma services here, such as:

– Neuro-radiosurgery

– Transplant surgery

– Oncology


Each of the above three specialties focuses in health key points. Neuro-radiosurgery includes gamma rays that are directed with sub-millimeter accuracy to treat brain lesions or tumors without affecting other areas.

The transplantations area is characterized by its outstanding work with 300 organ transplantation surgeries (heart, kidney, liver and bone marrow).

Lastly, oncology is a specialty focused in a comprehensive treatment for patients always seeking to provide honest and committed services.


This is how Hospital San Javier has sought to grow throughout the years, by means of solid pillars 100% focused on patients.


Please remember the importance of taking care of your health and that of our beloved, take care of yourself.