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Family health, a constant commitment


Year after year, Hospital San Javier has sought to be at the forefront in matters of health regarding both human capital and applied technology intended to meet the needs of Mexican families, becoming a benchmark in different specialties in medicine.

This time, we would like to discuss family medicine and how important it is for a hospital to be able to make room for every specialty in the same environment, from the first needs of an infant in pediatrics to caring seniors in geriatrics.


But, where does family health begin? Well, it is important to mention that this topic takesSalud-Familiar place at home, with food habits and physical activities which altogether may give rise to physical wellbeing. It undoubtedly is mostly crucial for the human being in every stage in his life; this is when the good eating dish becomes relevant, the correct distribution of food will not only keep him in good shape, its defenses will also be ready to fight germs or bacteria.


When a family has good habits it is unlikely that they will have simple diseases or conditions, but, what happens with other anomalies that may become apparent from external agents or genetic issues? Without question, this makes us wonder. Fortunately, there are lab tests to find the actual condition of our body organs and to know what is going on inside. With this information we value ‘check-ups’ or tests more to make a general assessment of our body, which is recommended once a year, above all for people with high-stress levels or with a poor diet.

Remember, in order to attain more success, you need to be healthy. This will allow you to enjoy every moment and will make you value your quality of life.


Let’s breakdown caring procedures for every family member


Young children

 Their diet is very important as this is the key factor for their physical development. It is important to take them to periodic reviews with the family doctor and keep control of their immunization record with the purpose of covering every flank and ensuring their happiness. Take care of young children, they deserve to smile always.


 Women withstand extreme wear during pregnancy, they have more day-after-day activities; hence the importance of going to annual reviews, if possible, as well as periodic reviews with the purpose of preventing two hidden diseases: breast cancer and uterine cervical cancer. Your health is important as it ensures the wellbeing of your family, spare a moment for you.


 The head of the family undergoes the most of stress every day and is likely to have a low quality of life because of poor habits. A general check-up is recommended at 35 years of age to prevent some conditions, among them, prostate cancer.



 A very strong pillar in every family and who need the most care. If possible, geriatric control must be maintained as soon as they turn 65 years of age to be vigilant for any pain or strange symptom. Tests and reviews must be thorough and frequent because health conditions may change from day to day. Let us provide care for the people who made their present our future.


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Hospital San Javier aims to meet your family healthcare needs.