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Physicians / Residency in Radiology

General Information 


Committed with health, Hospital San Javier offers a residency in radiology program. We pride ourselves for being one of the few private hospitals supported by the Secretariat of Health to implement the Residency in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging certified by the University of Guadalajara. We always stay ahead with a level of continuing education and prove that this is a trained hospital with training options.


To consolidate as a quality Radiology Department with state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional staff capable of training competitive specialists of international recognition at the highest level.


We are a recognized institution in the training of specialists in Radiology and Imaging capable of diagnosing and interpreting a patient’s ailment, based on understanding the physical principles and applications of the different imaging methods, learning about anatomic and physiopathological manifestations which encourage individuals to carry on with continuing education, investigation and leadership, which will help them achieve high professional recognition and perform responsibly in a competitive and amicable environment by respecting human values and professional ethics.

General Purpose

  • The general purpose is to train physicians specialized in radiology by means of integrated professional competency, with knowledge and skills for the performance of and interpretation of the different imaging methods for timely diagnosis and treatment, capable of performing therapeutic procedures through specialized interventionist methods. Based on vast knowledge of the different disciplinary areas of the chore of medicine, with vocation of service, ethical principles and humanistic sense, fostering scientific health research.

Specific Purposes

  • To learn about human anatomy, to identify its anatomic variants, and physiopathology in the process of a disease, whatever the imaging mode, with a clinical and therapeutic approach, as well as with physical principles and indications of each image type to diagnose the different pathological processes.

To learn about the standards on a patient’s radiological protection as well as on the occupational exposed staff, thus becoming aware of the effects caused by ionizing radiations, and fostering professional performance and understanding of the physics of ionizing radiation and its effects on matter.

  • To become proficient in contrast media and its indications, as well as in handling adverse effects, and understand the complications of reactions and risk factors involved in every patient.

To understand the health-disease process and diagnose pathological processes, fostering analysis and research aimed to providing an integral care to each patient, and to exercise the analysis by means of presumptive diagnosis intended to promote a critical behavior and encourage the Specialist to carry on with continuous research.

  • To become proficient in the different interventionist radiology procedures, its indications and its complications.

To promote professional performance with a critical sense in the face of medical problems in the physician’s field of endeavor aimed to searching for scientific bases and appropriate answers to the questions posed thereby.