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Grupo Empresarial San Javier, concerned about supporting different welfare institutions, founded Fundación Hospitales San Javier, A.C., with the purpose of raising donations by organizing and/or participating in social, sports or cultural events.

Fundación Hospitales San Javier, A.C., was created with the commitment to support those in dire need. Thanks to the job of each of its collaborators supporting the foundation and the support of Grupo Empresarial San Javier, it has been in place and become stronger year after year, opening its doors to anyone wishing to adhere to the cause by doing its community service in support of this noble cause.

Below is a list of some universities in an agreement for community service at Hospital San Javier.

  • Autonomous University of Guadalajara
  • América Latina University
  • UVM
  • Autonomous University of Durango

For further information:

Telephone:+52 (33) 3669-0222 ext. 7150

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