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In pursuance with the provisions of the Federal Act on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals and of the Regulations of the Federal Act on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, Hospital San Javier, S.A. de C.V., located on Avenida Pablo Casals No. 640, Colonia Prados Providencia, C.P. 44670, Guadalajara, Jalisco, has released this Privacy Notice in the following terms:

Personal information obtained and processing purpose

Any personal information obtained by Hospital San Javier from any holder thereof may be personal, sensitive, proprietary, or financial, whether obtained or created as a result of providing hospital services through applications, statements, electronic media, videos and any other printed material in all its forms.

Personal Information processing

Under the act, processing personal information includes obtaining, using, disclosing, or saving personal information by any means. The use of personal information includes access, use, management, transfer, or disposal of personal information.

Processing your personal information by Hospital San Javier shall be limited and subject to the following:

  • In the event the hospital needs to process your personal information for any reason other than your treatment purpose, the hospital shall obtain your consent therefor.
  • Processing personal and sensitive information shall be as necessary, proper and relevant for the treatment purpose.

For this reason any information obtained shall be used and processed only to provide you with efficient services in connection with your medical care, and to comply with any and all of the obligations resulting from the relationship between the several professional, technical and auxiliary health services involved in said services and you, such as attending physicians, consultation, supporting personnel, and any subsidiary and affiliated company or association forming part of the hospital and, generally, to comply with the Hospital’s obligations to you.

Contents of Personal Information

In accordance to the Act, Personal Information is understood as any information related to a physical person, whether identified or identifiable. For purposes of this Privacy Notice, by way of enunciation and not of limitation, the following shall be understood as personal information among other:

General information

First and middle names, last name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, marital status, whether you have any children or not, landline telephone number (home or office) mobile telephone number, email(s), occupation, education, age, among other similar information related to you.

The personal information mentioned herein above shall be obtained by filling out the forms and/or by gathering information or documentation required by Hospital San Javier, whether in person or by electronic means.

Sensitive information policy

As a result of providing services, Hospital San Javier shall request information which, under the act, is understood to be sensitive information, mainly, information that is referred to or connected with your current or future health condition, such as religious beliefs, sexual preferences, political opinions, racial or ethnic origin, and genetic information, among other. It is hereby established that Hospital San Javier supports and encourages diversity, therefore, any discriminatory act or any information that may imply any discriminatory act is forbidden.

Transfer of information

 The information obtained by Hospital San Javier may be processed and transferred to third parties who are not part of this institution, whether you have contracted services with them for the performance of legal, accounting, regulatory or contractual obligations, or for payment of services provided to the holder thereof by third parties, who may be, among others and by way of enunciation and not of limitation, insurance companies and affiliated and subsidiary companies or associations.

Similarly, your personal information, your sensitive information included, may be shared with Notaries Public and/or Hospital Attorneys in connection with legal actions resulting from the provision of services.

Unless you disagree to have your personal information transferred, it shall be understood that you have given your consent therefor, which consent shall be valid for any medical care service you receive from this medical institution now and in the future, regardless of the reason you are provided with said services.

Protection of information

Hospital San Javier has adopted and implemented physical, technical and administrative security measures aimed to protect your personal information, with strict internal control policies and standards related with handling, processing and safeguarding your personal information thus enabling the protection thereof against any damage, loss, alteration, or unauthorized use, access, or processing.

Procedure for access, amendment, disapproval, and cancellation of your personal information and withdrawal of consent

Please be informed through this Privacy Notice that the holder or his/her duly authorized legal representative may at any time exercise rights of access, amendment and cancellation of your personal information, and to object to process it or to withdraw the consent granted by you for said purpose; therefore, you must submit a written request in the terms of the provisions of Article 29 of the subject matter Act, at the Department of Public Relations located at our address, from Monday to Friday during business hours from 09:00 to 16:30 hours to have your request processed.

The request must contain the following information: (i) Holder’s name; (ii) street address, telephone number and email address for notification purposes of any kind; (iii) clear and detailed description of the information upon which the relevant rights are to be exercised; (iv) purpose of the request; and (v) any element to facilitate location thereof. In addition, the holder must show a copy of its ID card for verification purposes and a document to show evidence of his/her identity or legal representation in the event he/she is not the direct holder, signed by two witnesses and a copy of their ID cards. Maximum response time to your request is 20 business days, counted as of the date your request is received, which may be extended only once for the same period, provided, however, that it is justified under the circumstances.

Amendments to the Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice may be amended at any time by Hospital San Javier with the purpose of observing new legislation, jurisprudence, internal policies, as well as new requirements for the provision of our services, which shall be available at our webpage:, including notices placed within our premises or information sent to you through any means of communication.


In the terms of the provisions of the subject matter Act, and under the provisions of the Regulations thereof, this consent is given, with no error, bad faith, violence, or fraud, so that my personal information provided herein be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.

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