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Foundation and Social Work 

From its early stages and through its hospital institutions, ‘Grupo Empresarial San Javier’ (Corporate Group) has been concerned about supporting several welfare institutions either directly or through sponsoring events organized by other companies.

Some examples of this approach is by means of support agreements signed with such institutions as ‘Mano Amiga’, ‘Hermanos Unidos’, Hospicio Cabañas, and ‘Mi Gran Esperanza, A.C.’ providing free hospital care for children protected by said institutions.

After several years of work in this way, ‘Grupo Empresarial San Javier’ (Corporate Group) established ‘Fundación Hospitales San Javier, A.C.’ (Hospitals Foundation) with the purpose of obtaining donations by organizing or by participating in social, sports or cultural events with the intention of raising funds to financially support the activities of entities authorized to receive deductible donations.

This purpose is being fulfilled year after year because, from its inception, Fundación Hospitales San Javier (Hospitals Foundation) has organized an Annual Golf Tournament as its most important event gathering nearly 150 players each year. This has enabled relevant donations for different institutions for the benefit of senior citizens who suffer from kidney disease, visual impairment, cancer; dysfunctional families, households in extreme poverty, minors without the protection of their parents or who have been abused, by providing them good nutrition, clothes, medical, psychological and physical care; by instilling moral values, education, culture, and sports.


Below are some of the institutions being supported:

  • Hermanos Unidos
  • Mano Amiga
  • Instituto Cultural Cabañas
  • TV Azteca México (a quien corresponda)
  • Protección a los Hijos de los Presos, A.C.
  • Hogares de Ancianos, A.C.
  • Fundación Viva Vida, A.C.
  • Instituto Hellen Keller
  • Sueños y Esperanzas, A.C.
  • Fundación Pauxim, A.C.
  • GDL 180°
  • Piso de Nefrología Hospital Civil Nuevo
  • Mi Gran Esperanza, A.C.